Do you have any apartments for rent?
Whenever we have an apartment for rent, it will be described in detail on our Current Listings page. You may also see our apartments advertised elsewhere on the Internet and the local newspapers, but our website will always have the latest information.

Will you have any vacancies in 3 or 4 months from now when my current lease expires?
There are too many uncertainties to know if an apartment will be available beyond a month or two. Our tenants are required to provide a 60-day written notice prior to vacating, and repairs may be needed after they leave. Once we are sure that an apartment will be ready for a new tenant by a certain date, we will advertise the vacancy.

Do you charge a commission?
There is no commission when you deal with us directly. However, we often work with realtors who advertise our apartments in the newspapers. If our apartment is first shown to you by a realtor, you may have to pay the realtor a commission which is normally 10% of the annual rent or one month's rent.
Can you explain the application process?
You (and each roommate) will need to provide address, employment and income information, and sign a form allowing us to process a credit check and a criminal background check. As a general guideline, the monthly rent should be no more than one third of your gross monthly income (or the combined income of all roommates), but this also depends on other payments you may have. Your credit report should also indicate a good payment history.

Can each roommate pay their portion of the rent separately?
Our preferred method of payment is by direct deposit. If every roommate agrees to use our direct deposit service for their portion of the rent, we will allow separate payments. Otherwise we require a single payment each month. Either way, all tenants are jointly and severely responsible for the total rent.

What utilities do I pay for?
The tenant pays for gas and electric. Gas is used for heat and hot water, and is provided by PSE&G. Electric is provided by JCP&L. Each apartment is separately metered so you don't have to apportion the bill with another apartment in the same house.

How far away is the train station?
Our apartments are all located conveniently near train stations and other sources of mass transportation. Our four locations in Morristown, for example, are within walking distance of the Morristown Station and the "Midtown Direct" train to NYC. Many people in this area walk to the train and commute to work every day. More information about the train is available at
NJ Transit Train Schedules.

Do I have to cut the grass or shovel the snow?
No, we take care of the routine yard maintenance.

Who takes care of the garbage?
The tenant must put out the garbage regularly and comply with Morristown's recycling rules using the containers that we provide. We pay for curbside garbage pickup.

Can I paint the apartment or change something?
We try to provide a place where you can simply move in your furniture, hang your pictures and call it home. You must get our permission first before you paint or make any alterations.

NOTE: Actual legal binding agreements between the Tenant and the Landlord are contained in the Lease.